70 Inch Monopod Stand with Carry Bag


It is Lightweight and Affordable.

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This 70 inch Monopod is the perfect choice for travelers and mountaineers.
It is lightweight and affordable, and this monopod stand is able to rise to the challenge
of getting a steady shot.
It has the combined qualities of the pull clasp and quick stretching.
It comes with a built-in footrest to ensure that the tripod is secure while you are
composing and photograph your subject.
The comfort foam grip makes the monopod easier to hold and makes it comfortable to carry
while travelling

Features & Specification
1) 3-way Pan Head
2) None Slip Foam Grip
3) Flip Leg Locks
4) Floor screw
5) Leg Section: 4
6) Support Stand
7) Carrying Bag Included
8) Minimum Size: 61.5 cm
9) Extended Size- 178 cm, 1780mm,
10) Material: Aluminum


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