Magnifier Eye Lens Loupe 40x25mm With LED Light


Pocket Size and Protective Case.

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This 40x25mm Folding Magnifier with excellent magnification, easily fits in your pocket,
is superb for reading hallmarks. Compactly sized made from solid stainless steel with an
attractive chrome silver finish and a crystal clear view. The Folding Pocket Magnifier is
60 x 34 x 25mm (folding) in size and 100mm extended fully.
Four times more powerful than the average (10x) loupe at an amazing 40x magnification.
A large 25mm lens for clear viewing. Double LED Light with on/off switch powered by 3
LR927 batteries (included). Folds into case to protect lens and comes in its plastic
protective carry case.

Great product for the watch making and jewelry industry, especially for inspecting very tiny objects
Foldable and compact great to have one in your pocket or purse all the times
Ideal for Jewelers for finding hallmarks on silver and gold
Inspect object at 40 times POWER
White LED light (with on/off switch)
Great for people with low vision and others who strain with tiny print
Round swing-away chrome plated case
40X power and focal distance of 0.5″
Lens diameter is 25 mm
High quality lens for extra sharpness and clarity
Key ring hole, allows you to carry the item as accessory

Magnification: 40x
Lens Diameter: 25mm
White LED light (with on/off switch)
Light powered by 3 x LR927 batteries (included)
Comes with plastic case (dimension): 6.5cm (L) x 4.4cm (W) x 2.9cm (H)
Loupe’s dimension: 60x34x25mm (folding) 100mm extended fully

Package Contents
1X 40x25mm Loupe with LED Light
1X Protective Carry Case


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