5 Pieces Ring Ratchet Spanner Set Tools


Designed To Fits Up To 10 Different Sizes.

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Thesespanners are double ended ratchet ring spanners
Dropforged, chrome plated
Idealfor many applications
A 5piece set of offset ratchet ring wrench, with both forward and reverse mechanisms.
Designed to Fits up to 10 different sizes.
You can easily adjust theangle of the wrench to use
This wrench to screwtightness operation, with applicability, ease of use and low cost characteristics

RATCHET 1: 6-8mm size
RATCHET 2: 10-12mm size
RATCHET 3: 11-13mm size
RATCHET 4: 15-17mm size
RATCHET 5: 19-21mm size


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