7 Changing Colour 6 Led Light Shower Head


Ultra-quiet, No Batteries and External Power Supply.

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Sufficient water pressure is required to power the lights in the shower head. The LED’s will
not illuminate if you have very low water pressure, although it will not affect the shower
heads ability to disperse water, so even in the event of a low pressure environment,
will function as any normal shower head.

Universal thread fitment fits standard UK shower hose, no special tools required, just screws on!
Just screw it on to your existing shower hose fitment and enjoy the relaxing disco style
changing lights! WATER POWERED – NO BATTERIES!

Ultra-quiet, no batteries and external power supply, it will illuminate after inducing the water,
the principle-flow generation
Automatic light switching
Each shower process a wonderful experience
Safe use without batteries
Fits all standard connectors
Easy Installation
LED Emitting Colour: 7 colours gradually changed

Length (CM): 120mm
Width (CM): 78mm
Thickness (CM): 40mm
Weight With Packing: 255gms
Weight Without Packing: 203gms
Packing Name: Colour box


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