90V to 1000V Electric Voltage Tester Pen


Non-Contact Detection with LED Indicator Light.

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Kindly make sure not to test AC voltage which is greater than 1000 Volts

Non-contact detection with LED Indicator Light
Safe and easy-to-use
This voltage detector is designed for electricaltesting
Small and compact pen design for easy carrying

Voltage Sensitivity 90-1000Volts AC
Bandwidth 50/60Hz
Measurement category CAT III, 1000Volts
Operation Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Operation humidity 80%
IP54, IEC 1010
Power (Size AAA): 1.5V x 2Battery Included
Usage: 6 Hours for continuoususage

Product Info
Length (CM) = about 15
Width (CM) = about 2.5
Height (CM) = about 1.5
Weight With Packing = 0.05KG
Item Packing Dimension = 15*10.5cm
Packing Name = Blister
Material Name = Plastic


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