Details about 360° Universal In Car Dashboard Mobile Phone GPS Mount Holder Stand Cradle S247


Universal size fit for all mobiles.

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Introduction & Features
Computer mice hydraulic transmission design mobile holder, it’s easy to carry
and easyto install in.
Automatic deformation with just one click, convenient to use.
You can turn your phone up to 360 degrees rotating foldable mouse mobile holder.
The width of the holder is adjustable from 5 to 9cm (1.97inch to 3.54inch).
Compatible with all mobile phone devices from size 5.5-9.5 cm.
Power fulsuction cup sticks to dashboard, windshield and most other surfaces.
It can also put in the desk
Universal size fit for all mobiles.
It is elegantly design with modern and graceful appearance.
It’s suitable for both who want a mobile phone holder and who may want a stand
to watch their favorite shows, plays,movies etc.
It can also usable at homes for watching TV shows, Plays, Dramas, Movies etc.
Its long suction cup handed shock resistant and design for effortless positioning.
Strong Grip due to its adhesive sticky gelpads holder.
The cellphone holder is made of high quality material and strength.
You can keep your eyes up instead of looking down at your phone.
It’s useful, smart, flexible, secure, comfortable viewing or watching angle.
Softly presses the arms automatically open without difficulty, rapidly remove the
Its designis for all who are using an android, iOS, Samsung or Windows Smartphone’s
carphone holder is definitely for you.
Its instructions are easy to learn and understand.

Material = Plastic
Mouse Type Size = Approx 11.5cm*6.5cm
Width = Stretchable about 4.8~8.7cm
Color = Black

Package Content
1X Mouse Mobile Holder


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