Digital LCD Skipping Jump Rope


High Quality Exercise Jumping Rope

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Adjustable rope extra-long 2.8M Rope can be easily customized for your height
Rotator-Swivel-action head rotates in both direction, allowing you to jump forward,
backward, or crisscross LCD Display, clear reading times, calories burned and fat
reduced Just enter your accurate weight and calculate the calories you burn and the
fat you reduce Anti-slip, slightly handle design.
Clock Mode:Displays the time
Timer Mode: Set your desired exercise time,
LCD displays the time remained
Calorie Mode: Displays the calorie burned (Kcal)
Fat Mode: Displays the fat reduced (g)
Timing Range: 0-99 minutes and 59 seconds
Handle Length: Approx. 18.5cm
Max Rope Length: 2.8M (280cm) adjustable
Power: One AG13 Battery (installed)
Color: RED


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