DT830B Black Colour LCD Digital Voltmeter


3½ digits LCD display, AC DC VOLT AMP METER

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3 ½ digits LCD display with max. reading 1999.
Dimension:126x70x24mm.Power: 20mW.
Low power indicator Overload Protection.

The Digital Multimeter integrates Voltmeter,
Ammeter and ohmmeter which is an ideal instrument for use in
fields such as laboratory, workshop, DIYers and home applications.

DC Voltage:
Range Resolution Accuracy
200mV 100uV ± 0.5% ±2D
2000mV 1mV
20V 10mV
200V 100mV
1000V 1V ± 0.8% ±2D

AC Voltage:
Range Resolution Accuracy
200V 100mV ± 1.2% ±10D
750V 1V

DC Current:
Range Resolution Accuracy
200uA 100uA ± 1.0% ±2D
2000uA 1A
20mA 10A
200mA 100A ± 1.2% ±2D
10A 10mA ± 2.0% ±2D

Range Resolution Accuracy
200O 0.1O ± 0.8% ±2D
2000O 1O
20KO 10O
200KO 100O
2000KO 1KO ± 1.0% ±2D

Package Contents:
1 x Digital Multimeter
1 x Both Test leads
1 x User Manual


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