Square Portable Cupcake Box Tub Carrier Storage Container


250X C650 = 650ml 178x125x48mm

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Made of transparent plastic, they never look out of place no matter where you use them.
These containers are safe for use in microwave, freezer and dishwasher. These are food-safe
and are mostly used for food items in restaurants, take-aways, delis or even for domestic purposes.
You can, however, use them for any items that you want to store, display or takeaway.

Simply fill the container and close the lid. The snap-close lids help make these containers.
These containers are light-weight and stackable so don’t take much space to store.

Microwave Safe

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C500 = 500ml 178x125x40mm
C650 = 650ml 178x125x48mm
C750 = 750ml 178x125x54mm
C1000 = 1000ml 178x125x75mm


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