Wireless 32 Chimes Digital Doorbell


Easy to install and No Electrical Wires to Install.

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This Digital Wireless Doorbell has a 100 meter range and 32 song settings, meaning you
never get tired of hearing it ring.
With no wiring required, it is easy to fit with the receiver needing 1 screw to attach
it to the wall.
The transmitter has an adhesive back meaning it can be attached to most surfaces without any damage.
It also has a flashing light on the doorbell sound receiver, meaning that you can also see
if there is a visitor at the door.

Suitable for homes, office installed in or outdoors buildings and ships etc.
32 sounds selectable at either transmitter or receiver.
Transmitter uses 1x12V 23A battery (supplied).
100m operating range.
Easy to install.
No electrical wires to install.
Suitable for Hard of Hearing with Strobe feature.
Low power consumption.
CE certificate

Model No = TL-310
Frequency = Frequency 315MHz±0.5MHz
Active pressure wave(receiver) = ≤-57dbm
Power supply(receiver) = ≤-36dbm
Power supply(button) = 3V/110V/220V
Working power consumption = 1*12V 23A Alkaline battery (included)
Transmit power = ≤5W
Operating range = <10mW
Sound options = UP to 150 meters(OPEN AREA)
Melodies = 32 melodies option


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