0-25mm Engineers Metric External/Outside Micrometer


Measuring Range: 0-0.98inch/0-25mm

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Engineers Analogue Micrometer In Storage Case Is Intended For The Trained Professionals.
Great For Machinist And Jewellers For Precise And Accurate Measurement.
This Micrometer Ranges From 0.01-25mm And Features A Lock To Give You The Most Accurate Reading.

Tungsten Carbide Measuring Faces
Enamelled Steel Frame
Lock And Ratchet
Adjusting Spanner
Finger Thimble Adjustment
Adjusting Calibrating Spanner Included
Display: Analogue
Minimum Accuracy Scale: 0.01mm
Measuring Range: 0-0.98inch/0-25mm
Division Value: 0.01mm

Product Info:
Length (CM) = 36
Width (CM) = 30
Height (CM) = 15
Weight With Packing = 15gms
Material Name = Cast Iron, Bearing Steel, Carbon Steel
Material Type = Steel


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