15pcs Mens Pro Steel Manicure Nail Clipper Set Male Pedicure Travel Grooming Kit


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1-WHOLE NEW LOOK: End of traditional style of Manicure Set, upgrading from the
inside out, the exterior which is made of black rhombus PU leather looks very
special and be full of mystery, lichee pattern leather lining has a strong texture,
internal stitches is very neat and artistic, all tools use a cool black hot-dip
echnology,not only exquisite and luxurious, but unique in appearance, you will fondle
admiringly when you see it
2-QUALITY UPGRADING: All tools are made of premium stainless steel, great hardness
and durable, the edge of each has been polished repeatedly to have a comfort grip,
the blade can keep sharp for 10 years after a repetitive polishing and hardening
process, give you a smooth and cleaning cutting
3-FULLY FUNCTIONED: The function of most manicure set is centered on trimming nails,
and our set has a variety of functions including hand care, foot care and facial
treatment, each tool is elaborately made and can meet your all kinds of care needs
in daily life, one set in the hand, living at ease
4-PORTABLE SIZE: Do you want to own a manicure set which don’t occupy space when
you travel or at home? Keiby Citom pedicure set designed with a portable size, you
can put it at anywhere youwant, such as handbag, car, luggage, office and so on,
great for travel or at home


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