Cat & Kitten Tree Play Scratching Climbing Post Activity Sisal Toy Pet Grey


1x Cat tree with Kitten Tree

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Durable Scratching Post: Pets can optimally sharpen their claws while your furniture remains untarnished and safe.

Scratch Post With Tunnel: Scratching Post with Play Mouse and Kitten Hiding Tunnel. Satisfies kittens and mouse scratching needs

Fun to Play: It can give your cats a reason to have fun & play. A great place to rest when they are tired from the new exercise with this Activity Center

Indoor Exercise: Great choice for your cats and mouse to stretch and have exercises on, especially in the cold winter months when your cat may be stuck indoors. It gives indoor and outdoor cats alike a fun playground to let out all of their bundled up energy.


  • Approx. Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 29cm
  • Diameter of pole: 7cm
  • Available Colour:Grey

Package Contents:

  • Cat Kitten Mouse Scratch Post with Tunnel
  • ======================


Material: Sisal Plush Wood With Paper Tube
Colour: Grey
4.0mm sisal rope
4.5cm inner diameter of paper tube
1.2cm particleboard
1/3 sisal rope
Item Dimensions: 50*35*140cm (L x W x H)
Weight Without Packing: 8.3kg
Weight With Packing: 8.8kg

Package Contents:

Cat Tree Scratching Climbing Toy House
1x User Manual


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