Portable Rolling Grass Garden Aerator Steel Spike Roller Adjustable Handle


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This heavy duty lawn aerator for your garden lawn is a perfect accessory to
use to help the grass to receive the nutrients it needs. With regular aeration
your lawn will be more healthier and improve water drainage.

Aerating your lawn – the process of inserting small holes into the ground – is
something you should do at least once a year to get the most out of your lawn.
The small holes break up compact soil to allow water and nutrients to feed the
roots. This leads to much healthier, more verdant grass.

The improved drainage helps prevent the build-up of moss, leading to a much
healthier, more attractive lawn. Normally you should aerate your lawn at the
start of the growing season, in the Spring, and at a time when it is naturally
moist. New lawns can be aerated more than once a year, to help the root system
to develop and grow. This push lawn aerator does the job quickly and easily.
It has a metal cylinder with metal spikes which penetrate the ground as you
push it along. The handle can be adjusted in 3 positions, and Each plate has
4-5 spikes to dig in the ground. Made with a galvanized metal tubing and
plastic it is a great tool to have to get the most out of your lawn.


High quality heavy duty lawn aerator is made from galvanized metal tubing and
PP plastic , which is durable and practical

It features an ergonomic design for simple operation with telescopic 3 level
adjustable handle to save time and effort

Constructed within reasonable size and lightweight, portable for carrying
and using

Each metal plate of roller has 4-5 spikes, lawn will receive water, nutrients
and oxygen supplying after aeration

Perforating your lawn can help improve air exchange, enhance water and fertilizer
uptake, and reduce puddles.

Allows water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots
Improves drainage Produces to a much healthier lawn
36cm wide cylinder/drum 35mm metal spikes
Easy to assemble Instructions included
Dimensions/Size: Height 46.5cm x Width 44cm x Diameter 20cm

Package contain: 1 x Lawn Aerator


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