Small Pet 24″ Cage Plastic Removable Tray Easy Transport Foldable


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Two Doors Dog Puppy Crate / Cage with removable & easy clean plastic tray
These brand new two door crates come with a removable plastic tray which ensures
they are easy to clean.

They are the perfect product to house break, transport, training and have many
more benefits for your pets.

Stainless steel crates are non-toxic powder coated to resist rust.

Removable Plastic Tray to enable cleaning and hygienic environment for your pet
Two safety latched doors for easy access.

Can be used to house break your pet, Can be used to transport pets and
reduce any distraction from your pet to the driver.

Relates to your dog’s natural instinct to their own safe place.

Information on constructing and using the crates :
Construct away from your nervous dog’s as any noise can make your pet anxious.
Not suitable to leave non crate trained dogs alone.

Keep them supervised to reduce any distress when becoming used to the crates
and the new environment.

If your dog is showing signs of distress,
please ensure you spend time training your dog to become comfortable in the
crate environment.

Not suitable to leave dogs locked in crate for long periods of time, this can
cause your pet to become distressed.

Dimensions of the Crates (Appx.): –
24″ Small Cage: 61cm/24″ (L) X 48cm/19″ (H) X 42cm/16.5″ (W)


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