Heavy Duty 8 Piece Puppy Dog Play Pen Run Enclosure


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This sturdy Pen / Enclosure is perfect for your pet and Whelping Pets, It is durable for outside and inside use and is spacious with easy front access.

The Pen/ Enclosure will provide a safe comfortable environment and can be used through all the stages of your Whelping Pet ensuring Mother and Babies continuous bonding.

The Pen/ Enclosure will be a safe place for all young animals to develop.

This is suitable for lots of different pets with lots of different requirements.

This can be folded flat for storage with ease and erected again quickly.

This is a universal product and you can simply add or remove panels as necessary for example use only 6 – panels inside making 22.5 sq feet as you are low on space but the full 8-panels outside making 45sq feet.
Suitable for both indoors and outdoor use.

Made from heavy duty tubing painted in gun metal grey.

Folds flat for storage / simple assembly / Huge space.

Locking catches on the door.

Simple assembly no tools required.

Can be made in many shapes, square, octagon, L-shape, Rectangle ect

Overall size:800x600mm 8pcs


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